Traiven’s Pass, the first book of the Trimont Trilogy, shares its story through intimate, multi, first person perspective whose immediate hooking pace captures and thrills.

Twenty-six years ago King Cordell vanished. A year later the heroic Trimont lineage abruptly ended. The years following were years of peace under the rule of Lord Breemore as Steward King, yet… lines of clarity have blurred, attitudes have shifted, thoughts have changed, and the past forgotten. By the few who do remember, remembrance is now to the endangerment and mockery of their own lives.

Lydia, a young woman ridiculed for her family’s distrust of Lord Breemore’s rule, is desperate to hold fast the truth. However, this choice may ask more of her than ever could have been imagined and perhaps endured.

Galen, born and raised in a remote village, is unaware of the greater happenings of the Kingdom but burns for a chance to prove himself to his father, who has only turned cold rejecting eyes toward him. When the opportunity of a tournament comes by the hand of Lord Breemore, Galen finds himself on a course he never expected nor intended.

A story so compelling, it is best left told by the characters themselves.