Special Thanks!

To my Family: Dad for your support and encouraging enthusiasm. Mom for your… everything! Your help has been constant and patient through every step of this writing and publishing process. Sister for taking classes to learn InDesign for book formatting. And Rick for helping with tech bugs and just being around. You guys mean SO much to me and are the bedrock of this book becoming a reality!
To my Friends and First Readers: Andrea Harrison, Shane Brock, David Boynton, Chris Glass, and my family. You all went through the trial of reading my book while it was being written and sometimes had to wait months for the next chapter, but encouraged me on all the tough way. You all were happy highlights along the writing journey.
To my Editors and Proofers: Brent Byers, Quincy Wheeler, Mindy Upton, Nathan Johnson, Jerry Irish, Mike Grey, Ellen Bailey, Rick Dean, Trina Juneman, and Mom. You guys had the hard job of pointing out errors, but truly your edits and suggestions were of extreme value and necessary for this work to be as polished as it is today. I learned a lot through all of your suggestions, and you have helped me become a better writer.
To my Formatters: Rebekah Marinos and Nathan Johnson. I’m so thankful for the selfless time and effort you both put forth!
To my Cover Designer: Anthony Ross Tyler, who exceeded my expectations for a cover!
To my Bio Pic Takers: The Tackett Family, who brought out my true smile. 🙂
To my Marketers: Robert Saunders, my family, and to all those who help by making the book known to others. I’m so greatly blessed to have your help.
To my Heavenly Father: You are the supreme Author of all things, seen and unseen – of Life, Truth, and Love. I thank You for the heart of the story.
Traiven’s Pass couldn’t be what it is today without you all!!! Thank you.