My first spark of writing began in 2nd grade when my teacher praised me for a well written dialogue between a boy and an octopus shoe salesman. After 2nd grade, I was homeschooled where my mom further instilled the art, excitement, and importance of writing. Once I graduated, I took college classes and read all the ‘how to write good fiction’ books I could. Also, having lived in places like the charming Massachusetts coast helped to pour inspiration into writing itself. In the White Mountains of Arizona, where I mostly grew up, the first inklings of this book began nudging. Then while working at our family restoration business in Middle Tennessee, I began to write the ‘nudges’. After several years and agonizing over every word to achieve the culminating flow of characters, plot, and prose, I am pleased to gift you my first work, the story and people of Traiven’s Pass.


On a day to day note, Jesus is the source of my life. My desires, attitudes, and motives I want birthed from His love. He has made me into a new person by bringing to death my old self on the cross and raising me to His newness of life through His resurrection and indwelling presence. I am His affectionate daughter and devoted servant, and He is my ever caring Father and faithful King!


Jessica Marinos